CohuHD Costar™ (US)

CohuHD Costar™ designs and manufactures rugged HD CCTV video surveillance camera systems for critical infrastructure and transportation. Their video cameras monitor the most critical, sensitive environments such as border security and transportation, specifically traffic (ITS), maritime ports, airports and railways in USA and many other places around the world. 


Founded in 1946, CohuHD Costar manufactures the most reliable, rugged video cameras available. For more than 50 years, they have manufactured in the U.S.A. the most reliable, rugged video cameras available.


CohuHD™ is a leading manufacturer of high-definition video surveillance camera systems designed for the performance requirements associated with critical infrastructure applications.


CohuHD solutions integrate the latest high-definition video imaging and compression technologies into their ruggedized camera products. CohuHD is a high-value, solutions provider for monitoring in the most critical, sensitive environments. They focus on providing the most reliable, rugged, outdoor PTZ cameras in the market.


CohuHD Costar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Costar Technologies, Inc.

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Watermist Limited (UK)

Hydramist Fire Protection Products are designed and manufactured by Watermist Limited (UK) for the Global market. 

The World's 1st LPS 1223 Approved Watermist Kitchen Fire System.


The Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system has achieved approval by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to LPS1223 standard.


In real life use the Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system enables the kitchen to return quickly to an operational condition even after a fire.


The Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system requires only a normal mains drinking water (potable) supply and 240V - both of which are widely available in a commercial or domestic kitchen.


The system is housed in a small wall mounted box - ensuring that no floor space is lost by installing this system and its effective and efficient method of fire protection means that "Fire out in seconds, Kitchen back in minutes, Service for years."


The Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system uses tap water to generate mist that effectively smothers fire and prevents re-ignition. It is fast and effective and is proven to work in under 10 seconds. Minimal clean up after fire means kitchens can get back to normal operation in moments.


Hydramist accreditations include LPCB LPS1223, ISO9001, CEN/TS14972:2011 OH1 fire test (third party certificated by Lloyds Register).


The Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system is Fast and Effective

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QHi Group (UK)

Global provider of Thermal & Power/Energy Monitoring Solutions - operations in USA / UK / EUR / EMEA.


Exertherm™ Continuous Predictive Thermal Monitoring of Electrical Switchboards - The 'Next' technology step forward from IR windows...


Exertherm™ is a system specifically designed to provide continuous predictive monitoring of mission critical electrical equipment, detecting and identifying hotspot issues and problems before they develop into a major failure...


Exertherm™ utilizes small, plastic, infrared, non-contact, non-powered sensors that are installed inside electrical equipment to directly view, and continuously monitor the thermal condition of critical joints in energised electrical equipment. This enables permanent, non-invasive, 24x7 detection of hotspots at an early stage of development; thus avoiding potential downtime resulting from Arc Flash / power outage incidents.


Exertherm™ Increased operator & facility safety Reduces need for intervention maintenanceIncreased operational uptimeReduced risk of fire / explosion resulting from Arc FlashReal-time data = improved critical asset integrity Enhanced protection for critical circuits operating at low load.


Exertherm™ is the next technology step onward from periodic thermal imaging inspections and provides significant & tangible benefits over traditional thermal imaging technology and IR Windows.

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AVET Technology (UK)

AVET Technology Ltd designs and manufactures its modern, state-of-the-art, family of digital evidential interview recorders in the UK with law enforcement and PACE compliance firmly in mind.


AVET Technology products are designed by in-house team of technical experts to be used across a wide spectrum of the interview market and delivering products that are very easy to set up and operate.


Using modern components throughout their build AVET Technology manufacture robust, state-of-the-art evidential recorders that are powerful, small and lightweight with a sleek modern look and are exceptionally good value for money.


AVET Technology have been supplying recording units to police and specialist agencies for over 10 years and their solutions, both portable and fixed, have notably been used to record interviews with vulnerable witnesses, children and intimidated witnesses.


AVET Technology purpose-built Audio and Audio/Video family of products provide an exceptionally high level of reliability and with a true understanding of the interviewer’s requirements deliver easy to use, effective and very flexible recording systems.


AVET Technology years of experience manufacturing recorders ensures they fully understand the need for effective recorders that meet or exceed the needs of the customer.  Although they are confident in the integrity and compliance of their recorders, because they design and own the IPR of all their technical products and can introduce additional solutions that would meet legal requirements, guidance and codes of practice required from all international customers.

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Valopaa. illumination (FI)

Valopaa Ltd. – intelligence to illumination


Valopaa Ltd is an experienced professional in LED lighting. The company develops lighting solutions to outdoor lighting and industrial lighting for demanding conditions. Valopaa professionals also support their customers in procuring great solutions, deployment stage and maintenance.


Valopaa products have been in use in demanding conditions since 2009. The products have proven to be reliable and easy to maintain. All Valopaa products are designed and manufactured in Finland, and have been granted the Finnish Key Flag origin mark.


The Valopaa luminaires are built from high-quality LEDs and LED modules, drivers, optics and other components from well-known manufacturers. The wireless smart control technology for intelligent lighting has been developed in-house by Valopaa R&D.


Cost efficiency over the lifecycle with intelligence


Our product philosophy is to create solutions to our customers with the most economic cost for the entire product lifecycle.


Intelligent lighting control typically reduces energy consumption by 50% compared to a fixed system with the same lighting technology. Wireless control doesn’t require control cables, control devices in the electricity grid or physical installation work when applying changes in control settings.

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The founders of Technical Square Group of companies, Mr. Younes Fateh Ali Alkhajeh & Mr. Mohammad Ayach, made their debut into Engineering, Construction, IT Solutions & Environmental Solutions business in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2004. That one-step fourteen years back has led to a great business house that grows stronger with every season and every challenge.

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